Born in Madrid, 1984.  

He lived in Bristol (England) during the years 2010-2012 where he made his first photography work for the English web click-bristol.

In its return to Spain he realized the Superior Cycle of Image in the I.E.S. Pradolongo where he deepened in the knowledge of both photography and video, coming to develop the work of ENG camera in laSexta.

He has worked as a graphic reporter for the Antena 3 program, "En Tierra Hostil: Las Claves" and "Reclusas", and that combines with various photography works in different modalities (sport, fashion, baptisms, making of filming ... ) He defines himself as a sports photographer, although he works very well in any photographic style, so if you want to propose something to Roberto, do not hesitate to do so, surely he can give you a solution and get the service you need! You can contact him at this link.

One of your goals is to learn from the photographs you have taken and improve your take-back.